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I absolutely adore being a therapy dog and am proud to sport my QC CAN vest. On visits, I lift my paw to have kids hold it while they read to me. I love making people happy!

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My smile and inquisitive personality brings out the best in everyone I meet. I love making new friends, especially children.

Bernese Mountain Dog / Australian Shepherd

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I'm the dog with a one-of-a-kind smile. My favorite things in this order are: sleeping, receiving praise, sleeping while receiving praise.



Hi, I'm Rizzo!  I was born the year the Cubs won the world series!  While I don't play baseball, I DO enjoy a rousing game of chase and retrieve!



Oh, hi there new best friend!  My name is Rooney, and I'm happy to make your acquaintance. I am the happiest dog in the whole wide world.

English Setter


I am a spunky, loving dog who loves to be outdoors! Take me for a walk, a swim, or play a game of fetch with me, and I'll love you forever!


I was rescued in 2012. I love attending QC CAN CARES events with my mom. In fact, whenever she pulls out my vest to go to "work," I start bouncing around like a puppy!

Treeing Walking Coonhound

My family rescued me in 2010! I love people of all ages! When I'm not working I love boat rides, doughnuts, ice cream, and naps!

Basset Hound

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Golden Retriever


I love working for hugs & kisses!  I am a school therapy dog. I adore all of the love I receive and especially love listening to kids read.

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Australian Cattle Dog / Dalmatian Mix


I was born on April 20th, 2017.  My favorite food is peanut butter and ice cream.  I love visiting libraries and attending special QC CAN CARES events.

Chocolate Lab

My full name is Cadbury, after the chocolate. I love to travel, to play with other dogs, and to visit people at libraries and nursing homes.


Hello! I'm Georgie! I was born in 2014 and have 2 fur sisters. I love to play ball and play in the snow. I began therapy training at 8 weeks old.





Golden Retriever

Why, hello there! I love people and attention, so of course I love being a therapy dog!  I started training when I was only 4 months old.



Hi friend! My name is Raina! I am the sweetest girl in the whole wide world.  I love being a therapy dog, because people are my absolute favorite!

German Shepherd


My name is Oliver.  Some might consider me the class clown of the QC CAN bunch, and that's okay because I love to make people smile!

Black Lab

Hi!  My name is Jaxie.  Boy, am I happy to meet you! I love to go for walks at the park. My favorite thing to do is swim! I love to snack on red peppers and boiled eggs. QC CAN READ events are my favorite!

Golden Retriever

Hello! My name is Brooks! My mom started training me when I was only 3 months old. I love people and especially love receiving belly rubs!

Golden Retriever Mix




My name is Kodi! Despite my large paws, I think I am a small dog and would love to lay in your lap. I love cheese sticks and can hear a stick open from across the house.

English Setter


I came to my furever home as a tiny, spunky puppy at 7 weeks old and brought so much happiness to my mom’s life that she wanted to share me with others.

American Staffordshire Terrier mix

I am not shy at all. I like to give kisses and noisy tail wags! I adore people and am the biggest love bug! I love squeaky toys. My eyes get huge when I hear a squeak!


Hi new best friend! My name is Dollar! I love carrots and sleeping in all day.  My family is great, and I love chilling with them!

Golden Retriever


I am so excited to meet you!  My name is Kona.  I love to give kisses, play with balls, but chasing bunnies is my absolute favorite!



Hi friend! My name is Gus! I am a loving and caring boy! I love my family almost as much as I love peanut butter! I love making new friends everywhere I go!

German Shepherd


I was rescued in 2013, and lived with my mom in Japan for 3 years! My favorite food is anything not healthy. I am the most gentle, caring, and forgiving dog in the whole world.

Basset Hound


I am a rescue that was found on the side of the road. Why would someone abandon me? I am the best dog who loves everyone, but I love visiting elderly people the most!



I am as sweet as can be and love to be petted. My favorite foods are cheese and watermelon! I have 1 fur sister and 2 cat siblings whom I love.

Golden Retriever

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Miniature Goldendoodle


Hi! My name is Luna, I am a black Goldendoodle! Did you know Luna is Latin for moon? I love rolling over and having my belly rubbed.