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Advanced Membership

Unlike other therapy dog programs, QC CAN offers lifelong continuing education as long as your membership is current.


Membership includes up to 4 advanced classes per month, insurance while you volunteer at local visits, and a full calendar of visit opportunities throughout the year!

*You must complete Basic Training prerequisite to qualify for our Therapy Dog Program.


A Service Dog is task trained to serve someone's specific medical needs. Our Therapy Dogs are trained by their owners to be confident and well-behaved in public settings so they can volunteer throughout our community to serve others. Read on to learn more about our Advanced Membership/Therapy Dog program. Thank you!

Our Program

The QC CAN Pet Therapy Dog Program is designed to offer a way for individuals to train their own dogs to become pet therapy dogs in order to make therapeutic visits as volunteers within a facility. Pet therapy dogs are not service dogs and are not, by law, allowed the same public access as service dogs.

Pet Therapy dogs are people's pets that are very well trained so they are able to visit institutions such as schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and libraries on a volunteer basis in order to provide comfort, distraction, exercise, education, and meaningful interaction with individuals.

Our program is unique in that you can train and learn alongside therapy dogs and their handlers. You can feel good knowing that your time, training and volunteerism is benefiting a local non-profit organization.

QC CAN, Inc. has comprehensive insurance coverage, so you know we are protected and insured while you make visits as a volunteer!

Our Pet Therapy Dog Teams are active at Trinity UnityPoint hospitals, libraries in all four of the Quad Cities and surrounding communities, area school districts, over 20 retirement homes/assisted living facilities, special education programs, after school non-profit programs, and more!

​What Makes QC CAN Different

Pet Therapy dog certification isn't a destination, it's a journey that requires maintenance training and handler education for as long as you work your dog. This ensures that you, and your dog, are legally compliant and are performing at your best, all the time, for the safety of others.

This is exactly why QC CAN has developed the Quad Cities only program that offers:


  • Preparation and education for its handlers, from start to finish.

  • Year long maintenance training for your dog, for as long as you are a member.

QC CAN Therapy Dog Program Requirements:

  • Pass a temperament evaluation of your dog.

  • Attend and pass six (6) weeks of QC CAN's Basic Obedience classes.

  • Attend at least six (6) QC CAN Advanced Membership classes.

  • Pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test given by QC CAN.

  • Attend a minimum of six (6) public access visits at a facility with a QC CAN mentor.

  • $150 yearly Advanced Membership with QC CAN which covers insurance and year-round training for you and your dog.

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