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A Service Dog is task trained to serve someone's specific medical needs. Our Therapy Dogs are trained by their owners to be confident and well-behaved in public settings so they can volunteer throughout our community to serve others. Learn more about our Therapy Dog program by reading the FAQs below. Thank you!

Below you'll find answers to the questions QC CAN gets asked the most about our organization.

What is the cost of basic obedience training cost?

The cost is $120 and covers six (6) 45 minutes classes.

How many times a week do you meet for training?

Once, every Wednesday night.

How long does each basic class last?

Approximately 45 minutes.

Do you offer training any other nights of the week?

No, not at this time.

Can my partner and I both come to training?

Yes, and we encourage you to! This way your dog will bond with you both. You both will not only learn the commands but also how to give them.

My dog is showing aggression issues.  Do you offer training to help with this?

No. QC CAN does not train dogs that have behavioral or aggression issues. In such cases, we recommend you contact an animal behaviorist instead.

My dog has already completed a basic training course somewhere else.  Do I still need to take your basic obedience class or can I just enroll in advanced?

QC CAN requires everyone interested in our Therapy Dog Program to start with our basic obedience class. This helps ensure all of the QC CAN therapy dogs are performing to our standards of training so that we can eventually insure them when they begin therapy visits. Our basic obedience class will teach you how we give the commands and also teach you some of the advanced commands we use in our therapy dog work.

Where are classes located?

All of our training classes at held at All Fur Fun Doggy Daycare located at 1201 N 2nd Avenue in Carbon Cliff, Illinois.

What are your prerequisites to becoming a therapy dog?

The first step in joining our therapy dog program is for Angie, our head trainer, to do a temperament evaluation on your dog. This will allow her to see if your dog has the temperament QC CAN looks for in a therapy dog. Then, you must take our five (5) week basic obedience class and pass the skills test in order to move on to advanced training. In order to complete the certification process, you must register for advanced membership. The cost for advanced membership is $150 for a 12 month membership. QC CAN requires you to attend at least six (6) advanced training classes, and to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test which is provided by QC CAN at no additional cost. Once you pass the CGC test you are required to attend a minimum of six (6) mentored visits. Once all of these requirements are successfully met, and QC CAN feels there are no issues, you will become a certified QC CAN therapy dog team.

Is there a cost for QC CAN to do an evaluation?

No, there is no cost to peform a temperament evaluation.

What makes QC CAN's basic obedience program different from other programs?

The training you'll receive at QC CAN is a bit different, because we not only teach basic obedience but also temperament training. We test and train so your dog will learn to ignore distractions. We practice tolerance training so your dog will be more obedient and ready for any situation. All things we look for in a great family pet and a great therapy dog.

What is included in the Advanced Membership?

Your membership will cover all of your therapy dog training, which includes up to four (4) classes per month, your CGC testing which is provided by QC CAN and authorized by our AKC certified test evaluators, your certification with QC CAN, and insurance for your dog once you begin attending QC CAN visits.

Does QC CAN provide insurance for their members?

Once your dog is certified as a QC CAN therapy dog you will be covered under QC CAN insurance as long as you are making visits within our organization.

Does QC CAN cover me if I bring my dog to work with me?

No. Any visits you make on your own are not covered by QC CAN insurance. If you decide to take your dog to work with you, or make visits on your own, you will have to provide your own insurance, and you can not represent QC CAN by wearing a QC CAN vest.

Does QC CAN schedule volunteer therapy visits for their members to join, or are members required to find their own volunteer therapy visits?

QC CAN has an extensive list of places we visit throughout the Quad Cities and surrounding communities every month. We frequently visit hospitals, libraries, schools, nursing homes, community events, museums and so much more. There is always a fun, meaningful event for all our QC CAN therapy dogs to attend! To view our calendar of events, click here.

My dog already has their CGC title.  Do I have to take the test again?

As long as you can provide the AKC paperwork you will not need to take the test again.

Does QC CAN train service dogs?

No. QC CAN does not train pets to be service dogs.

Does QC CAN train emotional support animals?

No. QC CAN does not train pets to be emotional support animals.

Can QC CAN certify my emotional support animal?

No. QC CAN does not certify emotional support animals.

How do I schedule the QC CAN Therapy Dogs for my event?

To schedule an event click here. Or email Angie at

Is there a cost for the QC CAN Therapy Dogs to attend my event?

No. We are a non profit organization run by volunteers.

Are the dogs that come to my event current on rabies vaccinations?

Yes. QC CAN can provide records if needed.

Are the dogs insured when they attend my event?

Yes. QC CAN can provide a copy of our insurance if needed.

Are the dogs certified therapy dogs?

Yes, all of the dogs are certified by QC CAN and a certificate of proof can be provided in necessary.

Is your QC CAN approved by the American Kennel Club?

Yes. QC CAN is an approved AKC Organization.

Can I schedule the Therapy Dogs to attend my child’s birthday party?

Yes, as long as the party is held at a pet friendly location and there are no other pets present. To schedule an event click here.

Can you bring the therapy dogs to my fundraiser?

Yes, as long as it’s at a pet friendly location or as long as the dogs are given permission from the building owner to attend. To schedule an event click here.

Can someone from QC CAN come do a presentation about Therapy Dogs?

Yes. QC CAN does educational presentations. We discuss the difference between therapy dogs, service dogs, and emotional support animals. We talk about what jobs the different types of dogs have and demonstrate the different tasks they are trained for. To schedule an event click here.

Is there a cost to host a presentation?

No. There is no cost.

Will you bring dogs to the presentation?

Yes. We will bring at least two dogs but can bring more depending on the number of people in attendance.

How is my donation to QC CAN used?

100% of your donation goes back into the programs we provide.

What are the different ways to make a donation?

Make your gift online.
QC CAN uses a third party vendor to secure your online gifts.
Make your gift by mail.
If you wish to send us your gift through standard mail, please send it to the following address:
Attn: Steve Winter
1201 North 2nd Avenue Carbon Cliff, IL 61239

How much of my donation goes directly to support QC CAN programs?

QC CAN has zero overhead, which means that when you donate to our organization 100% of your money goes directly to help us teach, volunteer, and enrich our community.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, your gift to QC CAN is tax deductible provided that you do not receive a good or service in exchange for your donation. Once processed QC CAN will send you a receipt for your contribution. Thank you for your support.

Does QC CAN share or sell their donor or mailing lists?

No, QC CAN does not share or sell their mailing or donor lists.